How it works..

To understand what the judges look at and how a model scores, keep these things in mind. The following Criteria are used:  

  • Quality of Construction
  • Finish 
  • Painting
  • Extra Detailing
  • Presentation     

Each Judge will individually grade the subject on a number scale, and at the end of the judging the scores of each subject will be combined from all judges and averaged for a completely objective evaluation of each competition piece.   The results of the judging will classify kits in a tiered system into one of the following four rating levels.  

  • No rating
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold   

This divides the kits into classes based on skill level and results, but does not rate or compare individual kits within those classes. 

There will be many Bronze level kits, many Silver level kits, many Gold level kits, etc.  Prizes in categories will be awarded to the kit judged the best from the Gold Level entries. 

This rating system will allow the modeler to get more detailed feedback on their work, and allow them to understand how their work gets better year over year. Please refer to these comments on each of the rating below.

Bronze Level

  A Bronze Medal reflects the modeler’s avoidance of any significant errors on the model.  This level of quality indicates the modeler is doing the right things, but needs to be more consistent in execution.  

  • no glaring flaws in finish or construction, 
  • several minor flaws may be noticeable, 
  • slight misalignment of the landing gear and/or gear doors
  • wings slightly out of level
  • slight misalignment of the tail

In general, this model demonstrates that the modeler understands and can execute the basics.  

Silver Level

  A Silver Medal reflects a modeler exhibiting very few minor errors in construction, and a better grasp of finishing techniques.  

  • very few flaws,  
  • finishes are realistic,  
  • basic techniques have been used to improve appearance  
  • Misalignments should not be apparent to the naked eye. 
  • Decals should be nearly perfect, with virtually no silvering and they should conform uniformly to both raised and recessed detail. Weathering, if present, should be consistent and in scale. 
  • Detailing should be consistent. If one area is detailed, other areas should be detailed. 
  • Gun barrels should be drilled out. 

A Silver medal model is one that most likely demonstrates that not only has the modeler mastered the basics, but he has command of more advanced techniques as well.    

Gold Level

  A Gold Medal represents an exceptional level of craftsmanship – practically no flaws or omissions of basic techniques should be present, and the finish should be near to perfect.. Gold recognizes that the modeler has made a model with almost “zero-defects”.  

  • Misalignments should be nearly impossible to measure. 
  • Paint finish should be uniform and realistic. 
  • Decals should appear painted on with clear film not apparent. No silvering should be present. 
  • Detail repairs following major construction should be imperceptible. 
  • Weathering should appear completely natural, in scale and be consistent. 
  • Aftermarket or scratch built detailing must be cleanly incorporated and in scale. 

A gold medal model is close to perfect. A Gold medal model will demand your attention and draw you to it; and it may be equal parts artistry and technical achievement.