11:00 AM - Gunpla 101: Lore, Models, and Techniques

 Terry and David have both been Gundam fans for years.  Join them as they explain the Lore behind the models and touch on techniques to help you make them yourself! 

12:00 Noon - Weathering Techniques

 Cory has been building on kits on and off since he was a kid.  In the last year he has taken up the hobby more seriously and learned some great tips and tricks along the way. He will demonstrate the use of washes, chipping, pigments and streaking to help make your model look weathered.

1:00 PM - MAAC presents Personalizing & Weathering ARF (Almost Ready to Fly)

 Prebuilt of factory built (ARF) R/C aircraft have been around since the 80s.  Quality in the early days was an issue, today the quality of ARFs rivals that of a master builder. Today most of the model aircraft flown at fields around the country were purchased ARFs, many only needing a few hours of assembly.  Building from raw balsa using plans or 3-views is declining.  During this seminar techniques to personalize your ARF will be covered, including adding scale detail to a cockpit, sliding canopy and more.  When operational most ‘warbirds’ were not shiny & buffed, they were dirty oily, scratched & dinged, the seminar will also review methods to simulate these effects to make your shiny ARF appear to be a well used aircraft. 

2:00 PM - 3D printing

 The 3D Corner has come to the show this year to show you the Machine behind d the Mystery. What is 3D printing and the understanding doing it takes to operate it. 

3:00 PM - Astro-mech Building

 Join the R2 Builders to get a personal view, under the dome, of their scratch built, life size, working droids. From Dome to motors, these R2 builders will talk about how to get started on your very own droid.